WWR interviewed Andrew Gregg a documentary filmmaker from Canada whose film, “Wind Rush” will be broadcast on CBC’s DocZone on February 7th.  You won’t want to miss this interview nor will you want to miss the broadcast of Wind Rush.
"But there is a problem—and it’s there because some governments and wind companies didn’t do their homework before installing megawatt after megawatt of huge industrial machines. And as a result there are people living among the turbines who are suffering."

Also Robert Rand of Rand Acoustics about his perspective on the Shirley, Wisconsin noise Study.
Three families living within the Shirley project in Wisconsin have abandoned their homes and gave evidence to that effect (along with 50 other affidavits)  in front of the Wisconsin PSC. continued
Norma Schmidt lives between Kincardine and Port Elgin. Since the Enbridge wind turbines started operation surrounding her home she has suffered from serious health effects. September, 2010 meeting at Clinton.
"I cannot sleep in my own home. I have horrendous migraines. I wake up in the morning nauseous. I am having accidents because of the dizziness. My head feels pressure. My ears feel pressure. Can you imagine not being able to do anything that you just normally do? I have doctors and specialists telling me to move for my health. I can't even get an appointment with Carol Mitchell (Liberal MPP) to talk to her. She won't see me."

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Lorrie is facing a proposal for IWTs close to her home. The concerns are the same wherever turbines are being planned. What do we do with a government in denial?

"I know there are families that have quietly moved away because, maybe they knew what they would run into but I suspect they just wanted to get as much value out of their house and just get out of the way of what is happening."
"I know of all kinds of other people who have tried to get help from the people who we expect are there to help us who are still siting there that just finally just gave up and walked away."
"When we are living in the shadow of a turbine proposal it is terrifying."

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Mark bought a house in a rural setting for the quiet atmosphere. Since IWTs were built near his home in Feb. 2012, he has developed, witnessed, and encountered the negative impacts IWTs have on nearby residents. Leaving his home would result in serious economic loss, but staying has already negatively affected his health and income.
    "It took about a month before I noticed any real problems. Most of it was sleep related to the point where I had to take holidays to sleep. So I don't have vacation now for Christmas"
    "Now I noticed that I have headaches quite often. I have never had headaches before in my life."
    "One of the leaseholders on my road; his daughter is now getting migraines to the point where she has to leave school."   
"My girlfriend has had two censures, lost herlicense,  and can not work."

Wind Victims Ontario - Recent Videos
January 21, 2013 by Richard J. Stadelman, Executive Director
        NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Wisconsin Public Service Commission and the State of Wisconsin enact a moratorium to stop the permitting and installation of industrial wind turbines until further studies are done, solutions are found, and the State's wind siting rule (PSC 128) is modified to implement standards that address ultra low frequency sound and infrasound from wind turbines that will protect the health and safety of residents.
        Whereas, the report (Report #122412-1) released on December 28m 2012 recommended additional study on an urgent priority basis, specifically:
Whereas, ultra low frequency noise and infrasound has been shown in other studies to negatively affect people's health,

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January 21, 2013,   OPEN LETTER,    Dear Dr. King:

I am writing to you today to express my growing apprehension over the revelations arising from recent Freedom of Information requests that were released. In November 2012, emails from the Ministry of the Environment, released through the FOI process, reveal that provincial field officers had confirmed adverse health effects from wind turbine noise as far back as 2009, and were working on an abatement plan to assist affected residents. The released documents indicate that, in response to a redacted email from government staff, the MOE officers agreed to stand down.

I also have concerns with another FOI document I received, in which Q&A’s were prepared in response to your report, The Potential Health Effects of Wind Turbines. In one section of these Q&A’s, the track changes indicated that you should “add the word direct as studies would show a link through annoyance.” As the Chief Medical Officer of Health, I am sure you are aware that the World Health Organization has determined that annoyance is a health effect of wind turbines.

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Lisa and her family Chatham - Kent, Ontario

Lisa and her family have been experiencing adverse health effects after 8 IWT's started operating near their home. Also affected are the animals on their hobby farm. They have received no assistance from any government agency, the Ministry of Environment or the corporation that built the project.
"I was in the hospital with severe vertigo. My husband and son have vertigo as well. My daughter hasn't been effected to the same extent. But she is not at home as much. The medical specialist said there is obviously an environmental problem that needs to be investigated."
"We are experiencing health problems. One of the most devastating is the lack of sleep."
"The Ministry of Environment came out one afternoon to investigate when there was no wind."

Lisa's message:
"People need to be more vocal. The more vocal, the more the word gets out, the more others will try to understand."
Freeman and his family Dufferin County, Ontario

He and other family members have experienced serious health effects after a new wind farm became operational near his home in 2012. Although they have lodged complaints through the Ontario government they have not received any help.    watch video

Advisement for those reporting adverse health issues to their family physician
Risk of Harm and Industrial Wind Energy Facilities
Physicians as Health Advocates
A Commentary by Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
January, 2013
The purpose of this commentary is:
§ To share some examples of comments received from those reporting adverse
health issues to their family physician;
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Secret Documents Reveal that Liberal Government Knew of Adverse Health Effects of Turbines  

(Queen’s Park) — Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request show that officials from the Ministry of Environment were aware of adverse health effects caused by wind turbines in 2009. These documents also show that one wind power company encouraged the Ministry to take a “consistent position” with their company to support the Green Energy.   

“These documents prove that government officials were aware that wind turbines were adversely affecting the health of residents,” explained Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce and PC Deputy Critic for Green Energy. “The Liberal government has systematically silenced rural voices to advance a misguided green energy agenda.”  

Of the 300 pages that were collected, only 26 were released and many of those pages were heavily redacted. The released documents show that officials were working on an abatement plan to help the residents affected by wind turbine noise and by the transformer station. However, the report, which was completed in 2009, was never made public.  

The Ministry of Environment was inundated with complaints over negative health consequences of turbines. Families were told that all the projects were in line with distance and noise regulations, but the documents contain evidence that some projects were not in compliance.  

“The secrecy and entitlement of this government is totally unacceptable,” said Thompson. “Families who are affected by these turbines deserve for their voices to be heard.  

“The Liberal government needs to stop forcing wind turbines into communities without full information,” said Thompson. “When the legislature returns, I will continue to fight for a moratorium on the development of industrial wind turbines until the economic, social, environmental, and most importantly health consequences are understood.”