New information in the form of a study report recently released by the Irish Department of the Environment on order of the Commissioner for Environmental Information shows that by the Government's own figures, a setback of at least 1209 metres from a 175m / 3.5MW wind turbine is required to underpin a 40dB absolute limit.  This is a startling departure from the current regulations which require just 500m.

Table 3.2 of the report shows that an estimated setback distance of 1209m (i.e. 1.2 km) would be the absolute minimum distance necessary to meet the 40dB absolute noise limit proposed in the draft revision of the Wind Guidelines. Many argue that this 40dB limit is still not enough to ensure there is no distress caused to people in their homes, which means we should really be looking at 1.5 km; which is triple the current 500 metres!

The AIE has completely exposed the severely flawed planning policies being pursued by the current Government, and confirms what we all knew already – the current Guidelines offer absolutely no protection to rural residents.  The Government’s current action of sticking their heads in the sand whilst countless families are driven from their homes cannot be allowed to continue.

source and full report: EPAW