from: European Platform Against Wind Energy

An impressive number of health practitioners, researchers and acousticians from around the world are voicing their concern about the effects of wind turbines on people’s health.

Below is the list of health practitioners, researchers and acousticians who have investigated or voiced concern for the health and well being of wind turbine neighbors - apologies to those we forgot to mention.

In alphabetical order:
  1. Professor Mariana Alves Pereira, Biomechanical Engineer (Portugal, 2007)
  2. Dr Ian Arra, Public Health Physician (Canada, 2013)
  3. Mr Stephen Ambrose, Noise Engineer (USA, 2011)
  4. Associate Professor Jeffrey Aramini, Epidemiologist (Canada, 2010)
  5. Dr Huub Bakker, Engineer, (New Zealand, 2010)
  6. Dr Linda Benier, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (Canada, 2011)
  7. Dr Owen Black, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (USA, 2009)
  8. Mr Wade Bray, Noise Engineer (USA, 2011)
  9. Professor Arline Bronzaft, Psychologist & Researcher (US, 2010)
  10. Dr Nuno Castelo Branco, Pathologist (Portugal, 2007)
  11. Dr Micheal Cooke, General Practitioner (Ireland, 2012)
  12. Mr Steven Cooper, Acoustician (Australia, 2011)
  13. Dr Herb Coussos, Medical Practitioner (US, 2010)
  14. Dr R Crunkhorne, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (UK, 2013)
  15. Mrs Jane Davis, Nurse (UK, 2010)
  16. Professor Phillip Dickinson, Acoustician (New Zealand, 2009)
  17. Associate Professor Con Doolan, Mechanical Engineer (Australia, 2012)
  18. Mr Chuck Ebbing, Noise Engineer (USA. 2013)
  19. Dr Alun Evans, Epidemiologist (Ireland, 2011)
  20. Dr Amir Farboud, Ear Nose & Throat Specialist (UK, 2013)
  21. Dr. Robert A. Frosch, Senior Research Fellow, Harvard University; ex Administrator of NASA; member of the National Academy of Engineering, the AAES, the UK's RAE, etc. (2013)
  22. Professor Jerome Haller, Neurology and Paediatrics (US, 2008)
  23. Professor Colin Hansen, Mechanical Engineer, International Expert in Low Frequency Noise & Vibration (Australia, 2010)
  24. Dr Chris Hanning, Sleep Physician (UK, 2010)
  25. Professor John Harrison, Physicist (Canada, 2010)
  26. Dr Amanda Harry, Rural Medical Practitioner (UK, 2003)
  27. Professor Henry Horn, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (US, 2008)
  28. Mr Richard Horonjeff, Acoustician (USA, 2010)
  29. Mr Les Huson, Acoustician (Australia, 2011)
  30. Dr Jan van Ingen Schenau, MD, Retired Physician (Netherlands, 2013)
  31. Dr David Iser, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2004)
  32. Associate Professor Rick James, Noise Engineer (USA, 2009)
  33. Dr Roy Jeffrey, Rural Medical Practitioner (Canada, 2010)
  34. Dr Mauri Johansson, Occupational Physician (Denmark, 2012)
  35. Mr George Kamperman, Noise Engineer (USA, 2009)
  36. Professor Ralph Katz, Epidemiologist (US, 2008)
  37. Dr Noel Kerin, Occupational Physician (Canada, 2010)
  38. Professor Nicholas Kouwen, PhD., P.Eng., FASCE, University of Waterloo, ON (Canada, 2013)
  39. Ms Carmen Krogh, Pharmacist, Researcher (Canada, 2009)
  40. Dr Eckhard Kuck, Oral Surgeon (Germany, 2012)
  41. Dr Nicole Lachat, Biologist (Switzerland, 2011)
  42. Dr Sarah Laurie, Former Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2010)
  43. Dr David Lawrence, Rural Medical Practitioner (USA, 2012)
  44. Professor Joel Lehrer, Earn Noise & Throat specialist (US, 2008)
  45. Dr Lu Lombardi, Medical Practitioner, Ontario (Canada, 2010)
  46. Dr Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Health, Grey/Bruce County, ON (Canada, 2012)
  47. Dr Robert McMurtry, Former Dean of Medical & Dental School, University of Western Ontario (Canada, 2010)
  48. Peter Mitchell, Engineer, Founder and Chairman of the Waubra Foundation (Australia, 2010)
  49. Dr Andja Mitric Andjic, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2011)
  50. Dr Sarah Myhill, Rural Medical Practitioner, Wales (UK, 2012)
  51. Dr Michael Nissenbaum, Medical Practitioner (US, 2010)
  52. Mr Bill Palmer, Engineer (Canada, 2010)
  53. George Papadopoulos, Pharmacist (Australia, 2011)
  54. Dr Helen Parker, Psychologist (US, 2011)
  55. Dr Robyn Phipps, Researcher (NZ, 2007)
  56. Dr Eja Pedersen, Medical Sociologist (Sweden, 2006)
  57. Dr Nina Pierpont, PhD, MD, Specialist Paediatrician, Fellow American Academy of Paediatrics (US, 2009)
  58. Professor Carl Phillips, Epidemiologist (USA, 2010)
  59. Mr Jerry Punch, Audiologist (USA, 2013)
  60. Mr Rob Rand, Noise Engineer (USA, 2011)
  61. Mr Bruce Rapley, Scientist (NZ, 2013)
  62. Dr Sandy Reider, Medical Practitioner (USA, 2013)
  63. Linda J Rogers, Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (Canada, 2013)
  64. Professor Alec Salt, Neurophysiologist (USA, 2010)
  65. Dr Paul Schomer, Noise Engineer (USA, 2012)
  66. Mrs Norma Schmidt, Retired Nurse (Canada, 2010)
  67. Dr Daniel Shepherd, Psychologist, Psychoacoustician (New Zealand, 2010)
  68. Dr Wayne Spring, Sleep Physician (Australia, 2011)
  69. Mr Mike Stigwood, Acoustician (UK)
  70. Dr Malcolm Swinbanks, Acoustician, (UK, 2010)
  71. Dr Scott Taylor, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2011)
  72. Dr Henning Theorell, Medical Practitioner (Sweden, 2012)
  73. Dr Bob Thorne, Psychoacoustician (Australia, NZ)
  74. Mr Peter Trask, Psychologist (Australia, 2012)
  75. Dr A Trinidade, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (UK, 2013)
  76. Dr Alan Watts, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2011)
  77. Dr Colleen Watts, Scientist, former Board Member of the EPA in New South Wales (Australia, 2011)
  78. Associate Professor Libby Wheatley, Medical Sociologist (USA, 2012)
June 14,2015
Honorable Dr. Eric Hoskins
Minister of Health and Long Term Care
10th Floor, Hepburn Block
80 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2C4
Dear Dr. Eric Hoskins,
It was with little to no enthusiasm that I read your response dated June 8th 2015, to the package and letter that I provided you with on September 16th, 2014 in Grey Highlands at the announcement of the New Markdakle Hospital. In fact the letter was not even penned by you but by J. Dhamrait in your Correspondence Services. After waiting 9 months for a reply I received a boilerplate letter that does not address any of the concerns of which I presented to you.

Mention of the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, Arleen King’s report shows just how out of touch your Ministry is when citing a report that is 5 years old while ignoring the growing body of evidence which I included in my first letter to you; “Systematic Review 2013: Association between Wind Turbines and Human Distress” in which it was demonstrated “the presence of reasonable evidence that an association exists between wind turbines and distress in humans” as well as “A summary of some of the peer reviewed articles and conference papers, abstracts and other citations, regarding impairment of health in general and relating to industrial wind turbines. Industrial Wind Turbines and Health: Wind Turbines Can Harm Humans if too close to Residents”

Reference to the Health Canada Study, although positive did not address the Summary of Results of November 6, 2015 determined by objective and subjective measures which states “The following was found to be statistically associated with increasing levels of WTN:

• annoyance towards several wind turbine features (i.e. noise, shadow flicker, blinking lights, vibrations, and visual impacts).”

• A statistically significant increase in annoyance was found when WTN levels exceeded 35 dBA.”

In Ontario, the predicted noise models are 40 dBA but the allowable noise level imposed on people is up to 51 dBA with increased wind speed. As the Minister of Health, the finding of Health Canada at 35 dBA should be of concern to you. Health Canada and WHO acknowledge annoyance is an adverse health effect.

Further no mention was made of the findings dated April 9 2015 of the Council of Canadian Academies that the “Expert Panel finds that annoyance can be caused by wind turbine noise -- a clear adverse health effect.”

Your response suggests that I might wish to share my concerns with the MOECC or the Ministry of Energy. It is because of years of doing exactly that with the result of boilerplate responses such as yours that I turned to your Ministry for help. I have filed 68 complaints with the MOECC since April 17, 2012 with no remedy or mitigation provided. Out of sheer frustration and growing cynicism I have now given up filing complaints but continue to document my adverse effects in a journal that has entries dating over 3 years. The Ministries mentioned above only serve to administer the GEA and are mandated to support more IWTs, at any cost, including imposing health risks on the rural population.

Are you aware that when you search the term "health" in association with affects of IWTs, the only hits relate to the impossible test imposed during ERT appeals - causality of serious harm? Most of the rural population and many in urban areas know this test cannot be met.

This is a health issue and I believed that as a Minister of Health and a physician, the principle of "do no harm" would be paramount and respected. My physician conducted a series of tests to get at the root cause of my symptoms. I included in my package to you a copy of a letter from him in which he had determined that “the main factor contributing to her symptoms is her proximity to the wind turbines.” Obviously his findings are not sufficient for invoking any mitigation and had you read the letter you would no doubt have not felt the need to council me to consult him as you would have been aware that I had already done so.

In a subsequent letter written to you on October 17, 2014 I wrote “As a physician I would hope that your political ideology as Minister of Health and Long Term Care would not override your moral conscience. Rural Ontarians deserve the same justice and humanitarian rights as those whom you advocate on behalf of in other parts of the world. The public interest should never take precedence over the human rights of others.”

The response from you to my plight and that of so many other people in rural Ontario has created a loss of trust and credibility especially when the public seems more informed than the Ministry of Health. That you can only respond with dated information when the evidence is clear, then one has to wonder how long this harmful policy will continue to be sustained.

This is an open letter, it will be shared along with your response attached with the very public that has lost all faith in the government of which you hold office.

Virginia Stewart Love

Cc: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
      Rona Ambrose, Federal Minister of Health
       Premier Kathleen Wynne
       Deputy Premier Deb Mathews 

MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins response pdf file
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from: Schall Opfer

In an open letter to Bargteheider and Hamburger doctors have contacted the Bargteheider city representatives and politicians, as well as to the district Stormarn.[Doctors] indicate possible health effects of wind farms.

The problem is the noise emission of wind turbines. The low frequencies led to sleep and concentration problems, tinnitus and dizziness.

Doctors for more spacing to wind turbines

The energy transition is advocated in the general population. Against the meaningful Expansion of wind energy is basically nothing wrong. However, it should be negative Effects are better respected. Wind turbines are getting higher and with greater Built performance. The large plants are louder than the lower ones. More and more people complain of impairments caused by noise emissions, in particular by deep Frequencies. 

In an open letter now have doctors to politicians in Bargteheide and in Schleswig-Holstein turned. Out of consideration for people's health to the Distances between wind turbines and residential building are adequately designed. Than appropriate distances is considered 10 times the height of the wind turbine. The physicians refer to publications of other colleagues ( and on international Studies.

With the 10-H rule, ie "height of the wind turbine by 10 Minimum distance from the must Houses be ", namely deterioration is not ruled out, but it is a Compromise, could respond to the wind farm operator and critic.

People's health takes precedence over other economic issues.

Gabriele Artinger
Specialist in General Medicine
Naturopathy, nutritional medicine
Alte Landstr. 100
22941 Bargteheide
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from: Schall Opfer

Siegbert Weinrich, 95671 Bärnau: "We will continue to proceed with all his might against the wind, with me is particularly to avoid adverse effects on health of my patients at heart."

Fight at windmills!
Oberpfälzer doctor warns of dangers of the use of wind power

As a country doctor, I look after the community Ellefeld with 2 medium sized (500 KW) Wind turbines. The wind turbines were initially in the population quite positive received and seen as a technical advance. Even the inhabitants of the immediately adjacent houses (distance 200m) initially felt no negative effects.

And now comes the insidious of these wind turbines: After a period of a few months, these residents reported that they increasingly suffer from the noise emissions of the wind turbines, the frequencies rich in the audible range up to inaudible infrasound.

With strong easterly winds a mighty noise footprint draws throughout the village and prevents the people sleep. As a result of the occurring Sleep disturbance especially in elderly people to sometimes considerable depressive reactions!

Continue the Shadow with the disco effect light reflections to Lack of concentration, as a consequence for those affected completely inexplicable Black spots occur.

The plant operator advertises pursue the total safety of wind power and still claims that there is in the population a high level of acceptance, although it is known that the above described health problems now occur always massive.

In Bärnau, my practice seat, has become a popular movement against wind power formed, the opposite in autumn 1998 within a few days more than 1000 signatures Was able to provide wind power. This has succeeded in a giant wind farm of 13 wind turbines to avoid with a height of up to 130m for the time being.

The operators of wind turbines attract money investors with huge Tax depreciation and gain promises by overpriced electricity prices due to the power feed Act. The bill for these gains the Money investors pay on one side of the taxpayer, on the other side of Energy consumers.

How A Dream Became A Nightmare
A true story about the wind mania in northern Germany, of two people who moved to the countryside in order to realize Their dream of a peaceful life and work in the midst of nature and now, 17 years later, find themself in a permanent nightmare.

The nightmare began
10 months after our move, in the middle of our time-consuming renovation work and garden planning Aimed at making our grounds as nature-friendly as possible to realize our dream, wind turbines were erected between 320 and 420 meters from our house.

First, the quality of life this
The nightmare starts and the Consequences for us were the Following:

Since 1995 we have to sleep with closed windows, Because of the noise the wind turbines are Producing - Even When It Is extremely hot. Relaxation and peace in our garden, on our land and with our animals is Impossible When the Wind Blows - Whether from south-east, East, Northeast or Northwest we can scarcely sleep even with closed windows. Conversation inside the house in Certain rooms has been disturbed.

Shadow Flicker, something very special we've never experienced before, came into our lives between November and February. The turbines throw a shadow in the mornings Which gives us headaches, irritability and induces disturbs our concentration (we have our offices at home).

Wind power profiteers and Their dirty methods

That same year, amid this new and terrifying experience, the then-mayor Appeared with the representative of a wind power operator to to convince us of an extension of the wind energy area - in the midst of the most species-rich wet meadows around our country. With the words: "It will not be to your disadvantage ...", he tried to corrupt us. The men were shown the door.

Much later we found out it did what wagered in the village, we let ourselves Whether buy by the WindEnergy profiteers, or Whether our love for nature would triumph ...

So we were told about the 1,000 DM, the Community Representatives were paid in the early 90s For their approval to the first plan for the wind turbines next to our farm ..

THUS we Realized, why the seller of the property we've bought suddenly wanted to sell the farm. Hey what member of the local council and Agreed to the wind power plan, pocketed the sum, and then hurried to look for naive clients, to buy his dilapidated farm for a lot of money before the wind turbines are built.

Slowly we came to know from personal experience and by reading the approval documents of the wind turbines next to us this dirty secrets of the supposedly clean wind energy ... 
 and There Should be a lot more.

Abuses by the wind lobbyists
That Neighbors defend Themselves and Their Fellow Citizens Against thesis plan, Appeared so outrageous in the eyes of wind-profiteers thatthey mobilize Their community of profiteers immediately. This Means, That every citizen, who does not agree any longer, to accept Further destruction by the wind-profiteers, of nature, health and quality of life, the landscape, the real estate assets and pension, which seen as to object of Hatred.

The Following attacks by the wind power lobby were drastic and even criminal. 
It started with threatening phone calls, mostly anonymous. Followed by law suits, of course, that is anonymous, and it was a coming and going of various police departments and authority Representatives in our home. On the question of, who complained about us, what it said "This Could not Be Told" and "From members of the battue." So within five years nine law suits with bizarre contents havebeen initiated against us. Some of them were announced during festivities in the village under the wind lobbyists, and what it called to participate, as EC abuses by the hunters at the battue.

On the occasion of Council meetings public pillory campaigns were held against dissidents, a little like the Middle Ages. Gladly in the presence of the regional press with Subsequent report in the local newspaper.

Of course there were people who did not want to participate in criminal actions against us, but fear of the powerful landowners and wind lobbyists, combined with a lack of awareness of injustice and loyalty made them silent in front of the attacks against us and our animals , Later on we heard piecemeal, who initiated the actions against us.

Packets of dubious content: such as underpants and scary drawings come by post and in the empty barrel wefind wet diapers for adults. The Level Of These attacks can not be beaten.

We learned then, thesis greedy citizens have no scruples and no problems to act against the law.

Threats of violence like "Those I'll burn down the farm" and "If I Can grave them, I want to spank them, until They never get up again" did not stop us. That this way of dealing with wind power in circles Opponents of wind power Profiteers is common for years, Confirming reports from all over Germany, so but from other countries.

Farmer Boys exert pressure on the fire service chief, by refusing Their cooperation in the fire service, Because The chief had refused to give his consent as a member of the Community Council for a wind power project,

Windows were smashed and cars scratched.

Decollated pig head in the garden of windpower Opponents, decapitated pigeons with feet tied together hanging on the doorknob of a mayor and wind power opponent, dead rats in the mailbox - Greetings from the Mafia!

Memories of History Lessons in school about the Nazi era Regularly come into mind, if one experiences, did freelancers, workshops or dealer loose Their customers and clients, Because today it is called "Do not buy from wind power Opponents" and "Dissenters are given no orders ".

Democracy is already at its end, where struggle is about wind power in rural communities!

very long full story in the link