We’re Against Industrial Wind Turbines – Plympton Wyoming
is presenting the movie
Down Wind  (A Documentary)
Kineto Theatre, Forest, on August 14, 2014 at 8 pm. 
Admission: FREE - Donations to our Legal Fund Gladly Accepted
This compelling movie is about communities and people who are 
living with wind turbines.  You will meet a family member from the film 
who has been directly affected by Industrial Wind Turbines.
It is also an opportunity to hear what Lambton County may expect if 
wind turbines are built by Suncor Energy in Plympton Wyoming, 
Lambton Shores and WarwickTownship.
Come out and educate yourself, whether you are for or against wind 
turbines in the County
Visit our website:  www.wait-pw.ca for more information 
download pdf poster here
MAWT Inc Presents Dinner and A Show
August 15th at Silverdale Hall, 4610 Sixteenth Road,  West Lincoln
Dinner: 5:30-7pm
Update on the Fight Against Wind Turbines: 7pm
Showing of “Down Wind”:  7:30pm

Hope you can join us. Dinner will precede the show and we will be serving sausages and corn-  Price is $8 each, or 2 for $15 (Please bring your lawn chairs if you are coming for dinner). Or come a little bit later and catch up on the news and see the show. (Admission to the show is FREE!)

Acoustical Society of America,
ICA 2013, Montreal — Noise Session 4aNCs: Children’s Perception of Noise, June 2013

Irene Van Kamp, Kerstin Persson Way, Anita Gdlöf-Gunnarsson

Undisturbed sleep is essential for physiological and psychological health. Children have a special need for uninterrupted sleep for growth and cognitive development.

In the recently published guideline by the WHO (2011) for the burden of disease from environmental noise it is concluded that future epidemiological noise research will need to focus on vulnerable groups; some noise exposures may be worse for particular subgroups than for others such as children, older people and lower socioeconomic groups. This conclusion supports the notion that noise effects can and should be differentiated between subgroups. In most recent reviews on noise and health, this topic has been touched upon, but evidence is still scarce and scattered. A recent review (van Kamp and Davies, 2013) identified thirty seven papers (2007–2011) pertaining to primary school children, two to preschool children and four to neonates. Four papers concerned effects of noise in specific patient groups such as children with autism, asthma and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Health effects most frequently described in the literature are annoyance, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular disease, cognitive effects and effects on hearing. Knowledge of how these effects are influences by noise disturbed sleep is very incomplete. In this paper we are particularly interested in the role of sleep disturbance in cognitive and cardiovascular effects in children. The aim of the review is to formulate a set of hypotheses as a base for future studies into the effects of noise induced sleep deprivation on health and child development. After a short introduction on sleep, we will discuss the role of sleep per outcome.

download pdf file here