The current regulatory framework  for wind turbines has not taken into account the potential risk to people with central sensory hypersensitivity. Wind turbine erected today too close to buildings. The current regulatory framework should be revised with an increased safety distance from buildings to prevent or reduce the risk of wind-related morbidity.

Migraine is caused by a genetically  induced central sensory hypersensitivity at risk for central sentitiserng. Migraine prevalence is about 30 percent [10, 11]. In addition there are other causes of cental sentitisering, which means that more than 30 percent of residents in the vicinity of wind turbines could be, to a greater or lesser extent, affected by wind-related besvär.Speciella risk groups include people with migraine or migraine in the family, people over 50 years of age, people with fibromyalgia and those with a tendency to anxiety and depression. [12] Although children and adults with ADHD and autism are at risk and could have their symptoms worsened.

There is thus no question of noise damage in the traditional sense, but an effect of a constant pulsating sound pressure constantly changes the pressure in the inner ear and excites sensory organs there. One can liken it to a pulsating or flickering lights - many are not bothered noticeably while people with sensory hypersensitivity may experience discomfort. Flickering light can be as familiar even trigger epilepsy.Likewise, it triggers constantly pulsating, non-audible infrasound from wind turbines major problems in people with central sensory hypersensitivity. These problems can become chronic, debilitating and lead to anxiety and depression and increase the risk of heart attack.

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Falmouth wind turbines and sleep deprivation: A psychiatrist weighs in

September 13, 2013 by William Hallstein, MD
Summary:   This letter, written by William Hallstein, MD, a practicing psychiatrist with over 40 years of experience, was delivered to the Chairman of the Falmouth Board of Health. Dr. Hallstein is also a resident of Falmouth Massachusetts. In his letter he explains the very real impact of the Falmouth turbines on human health.

I am thoroughly acquainted with the turbine issues and neighbors who are affected. I have made it my business to spend significant amounts of time experiencing the turbine effects. I know exactly what they are describing and have experienced it.

Turning now to the topic of sleep interruption and deprivation. Sleep disturbance is not a trivial matter. Children with inadequate sleep perform poorly academically, emotionally and physically. Errors in judgement and accident rates increase with inadequate sleep and fatigue for everyone: athletes, truck drivers, ship operators , aircraft pilots and physicians. No one is exempt.

In the world of medicine illnesses of all varieties are destabilized by fatigue secondary to inadequate sleep. Diabetic blood sugars become labile, cardiac rhythms become irregular, migraines erupt and increase in intensity, tissue healing is retarded, and so forth, across the entire field of physical medicine. Psychiatric problems intensify and people decompensate. Mood disorders become more extreme and psychotic disorders more severe.

People with no previously identified psychiatric illness are destabilized by sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation experiments have repeatedly been terminated because test subjects become psychotic; they begin to hallucinate auditory and visual phenomena. They develop paranoid delusions. This all happens in the "normal" brain. Sleep deprivation has been used as an effective means of torture and a technique for extracting confessions.

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The CAW industrial wind turbine has been in operation for 20 weeks (starting March, 2013) near the town of Port Elgin - Saugeen Shores. Complaints have arisen from people living at distances of 350 meters to 2000m.

This video is 90 minutes long. There is a great deal of information in the first 5 - 10 minutes. Some excerpts are below. Please watch the video for complete details.

Greg Schmalz
"Citizens have been robbed of their charter rights to health and property enjoyment...Stories of negative health effects have been surfacing daily"

Greg Schmalz on behalf of Ann Kelley
"headaches, pain over my eyes, black spots in my vision, vertigo, sleeping interruptions... after leaving on a trip all symptoms went away"

Greg Schmalz on behalf of Charlie Kelley
"headaches, vertigo, and tightness in my head."

Greg Schmalz on behalf of Barbara Lowe
"I began to experience nightly sleep disturbances, pressure in my ears and some loss of hearing...on a trip (away from the area) I had no problems... When I returned the problems returned immediately and also became worse. I was getting only a few undisturbed hours of sleep a night..."