from Ontario Wind Resistance

by Pete Lomath

I’m a 66 year old Canadian who is partly responsible for allowing the McGuinty government to put in place the Green Energy Act and by so doing removing the protection afforded by the various pieces of legislation to children such as you whose parents have seen fit to place you in danger from the health impacts of wind turbines.

By setting what it deems to be acceptable setbacks and noise figures for those on property adjacent to wind turbine installations the Ontario government has acknowledged that anyone living closer than those setbacks or subject to noise levels higher than those referenced in legislation are at risk of health problems due to the wind turbine noise.

As a child living on land that is leased to a wind project YOU have no such protection from the government acknowledged long term effects of wind turbine noise because there are no setback or noise standards relevant to your residence.

Much has changed since our centennial year of 1967 when Ontario proudly heralded this province as “A Place to Stand, A Place to Grow”. Lately thousands of Ontarians have given of their time and expertise in an attempt to ensure that Ontario remains a place where everyone is protected equally from the potential health impacts of wind noise.

So far your government, the legal system, the organizations listed below and each corporation and individual involved in the implementation of wind energy in Ontariohave done nothing to provide any protection to you.

To Premier McGuinty and all who have sided with his government and the various self administering “professional” organizations to ignore the health impacts of wind turbine noise you are just ‘acceptable collateral damage’ from the spread of wind turbines across this province.

The list of those responsible for this sad state of affairs starts with your federal government down through the office of the speaker and all parties of the government of Ontario, the various ministries and allied mandating institutions.

Every single assembly and professional organization that you thought might have a requirement in law to ensure that you are protected has failed youand all in the name of bigger government, bigger business and a greater transfer of Canada’s wealth to the already-rich, mostly resident outside of Canada.

  • The Offices of Canada at the United Nations who purport, with grandstanding, to support the UN rights of Canadian children at the United Nations and yet have ignored my requests for help in protecting Ontario children living on the lands leased for wind generation left with NO protection under the Green Energy Act and who are discriminated against in relation to the protection afforded to their neighbors on adjoining properties.
  • The office of the speaker for the Ontario legislature who has failed to require the TRUTH in the form of science supported by the scientific method from members of the legislature in all matters related to the Green Energy Act in the house and by so doing has destroyed the integrity and decorum expected from that institution.
  • The Ontario Legislature for failing to require as part of the GEA a “standardized” contract for wind leases that was clear, did not include any form of “GAG” component and made the wind generation proponent fully responsible for ALL aspects of damage to health and for the complete remediation to the original for the removal of every component of the wind generation equipment, power line and road systemsenforced by means of a bond for an amount determined by an actuary to be sufficient for every potential future claim.For accepting without question the discriminatory report of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (Dr. King) in consultation with the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health when they failed to investigate or make any recommendations related to those living on leased properties that have no protection in the law for noise levels that the GEA acknowledges are health impacting.
  • The MPP’s who blindly voted in favor of the Green Energy Act (Notably absent for the vote was Premier Dalton McGuinty) and by so doing removed all protection from mothers and children residing on land that has been leased to wind developers.
Aggelonitis, Sophia | Albanese, Laura | Arthurs, Wayne | Balkissoon, Bas | Bartolucci, Rick | Bentley, Christopher | Broten, Laurel C. | Brown, Michael A. | Brownell, Jim | Bryant, Michael | Cansfield, Donna H. | Caplan, David | Carroll, Aileen | Chan, Michael | Colle, Mike | Delaney, Bob | Dickson, Joe | Dombrowsky, Leona | Duguid, Brad | Duncan, Dwight | Flynn, Kevin Daniel | Fonseca, Peter | Gerretsen, John | Gélinas, France | Gravelle, Michael | Horwath, Andrea | Hoy, Pat | Jaczek, Helena | Jeffrey, Linda | Johnson, Rick | Kular, Kuldip | Lalonde, Jean-Marc | Leal, Jeff | Levac, Dave | Marchese, Rosario | McMeekin, Ted | McNeely, Phil | Meilleur, Madeleine | Miller, Paul | Milloy, John | Mitchell, Carol | Moridi, Reza | Pendergast, Leeanna | Phillips, Gerry | Ramal, Khalil | Ramsay, David | Rinaldi, Lou | Ruprecht, Tony | Sandals, Liz | Smith, Monique | Smitherman, George | Sousa, Charles | Tabuns, Peter | Takhar, Harinder S. | Van Bommel, Maria | Watson, Jim | Wilkinson, John | Wynne, Kathleen O. | Zimmer, David

  • The Ministry of the Environment for purporting to have science supporting every facet of the regulations yet fighting every attempt to obtain such supporting science through the freedom of information legislation even going so far as to start charging for the preparation of fee estimates as a way to raise the costs of obtaining information beyond the resources of average Canadians.  For refusing to accept the original submission on the GEA sent by registered mail regarding the GEA from the residents of Clearview.For allowing projects to proceed knowing that they had no protocols or test procedures that their own staff could use to validate the noise levels upon which projects were “rubber stamp approved” by the “professional” engineers at the MOE.For issuing contracts to engineering companies with a conflict of duty who are “paid-up” members of CANWEA to define and determine the noise measurement protocols and processes that will be the final determinate of whether projects meet new standards set long after their original approval under the “standards” set down in the GEA.The list goes on and on, and regardless of who is the Minister “responsible” (what a misnomer!) there is absolutely no change by the bureaucracy or its professional Engineers to undertake any honest scientific evaluation of the noise generated by wind turbines having any form of much needed public oversight.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Health for its failure to perform the most basic due diligence and research towards ascertaining the health impacts from wind turbines, choosing instead to rely on information from selected scientific publications. The report issued by the MOH related to the health impacts of wind turbines on Ontarians was generated simply from a “read” of peer reviewed papers performed by a junior member of staff and failed to even include interviews of “protected” Ontarians (those living on adjacent properties) let alone anyone such as you living on “unprotected” lands and subject to much higher allowable levels of turbine noise.
  • The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health for the support of discrimination and allowing medical officers of health (acting or permanent) under their control or within their organization to accept taxable income from the wind industry to promote the position that there are no health impacts from wind turbines when the legislation itself acknowledges by default that any person living closer than 550 meters or being subjected to noise levels greater than provided for under the GEA is liable for long term health impacting conditions. This lack of action discriminates against every person forced to live without protection of law on lands leased for wind generation.
  • The “Chair” in renewable energy at the university of Waterloo who has spent (wasted) the last year assembling a cadre of experts in wind related sciences and has yet to produce one single piece of information supporting the $5million of taxpayers money that the government endowed to this process.
  • The HPARB for refusing to properly investigate the complaints rejected by the College of Physicians and Surgeons thereby giving its tacit permission for physicians to accept taxable income for representing the position of the wind industry and for them to continue making statements in areas’ in which they have no expertise, without fear of repercussions. For issuing final decisions on such complaints 2 months prior to receiving the evidence of complainants thereby reducing the whole process to a humorous exercise in futility by very highly paid civil servants none of whom can be held responsible for their actions.
  • The office of the Ontario Ombudsman was made aware of your plight three years ago and has failed to issue any report or publication related to the matter of wind turbine noise or health impacts choosing instead to side with the HPARB in allowing medical officers of health to continue receiving taxable income from wind power lobbying organizations and refusing to investigate a situation where the final decision of the HPARB was made two months BEFORE it even received the submissions of the complainant!
  • The office of the Ontario Privacy Commissioner whose adjudicator, by refusing to deal with the MOE charging arbitrarily assessed fees to SOME Ontarians to prepare fee estimates, have given their tacit permission for the Ontario government to continue making charges not mandated in legislation for the preparation of fee estimates, thereby escalating the costs of obtaining access to noise-related health information held by the MOE to the point where average Ontarians cannot afford to obtain the noise readings affecting their health.
  • The engineers at the MOE whose rubber stamping of the data files produced by other professional engineers working for wind proponents without requiring that data to be current, measurable or reflecting the error corrections and incorporation of current publicly available test results from working installations required under section 77 of the Professional Engineers Act. IF the MOE conducted field tests and applied the necessary corrections found by international authorities to the computer estimates upon which each project is approved, most wind projects would be shown to be outside of the acceptable levels for approval of those projects.
  • The College of Physicians and Surgeons for its lack of concern and rejection of complaints over the actions of its members in positions of public trust who are receiving taxable income (as defined by the CRA) from wind industry organizations to disseminate and support the views of the wind industry without being required to produce proof of their qualifications in noise measurement nor provide one verifiable piece of science to support their assertions that the noise from wind turbines will not impact the health of our children over the long term.
  • The Professional Engineers Association of Ontario for turning a blind eye to the way in which their members are failing to meet the requirements of section 77 of the Ontario PEng act and refusing to properly investigate complaints from even their own members about the actions of other members in regard to the flawed estimates and measurement of wind turbine noise.
  • The members of the Professional Engineers Association working for wind proponents to produce noise “estimates” who flaunt the requirements of their registration by referencing terms such as “It is our belief” and “It is our understanding” to be the science that their association and the MOE (purportedly) requires to support their work and which their “associates” at the MOE accept to be valid data for the purposes of project approval.
  • Each Ontario professional engineer who sits on the sidelines while a few of their peers, identified above, place the credibility of their whole profession in question through their failure to use the scientific method and the precautionary principle as the basis for their calculations of noise levels generated by wind turbines.
  • The lawyers whose crafting of the contracts for leasing land to wind development companies includes “GAG” clauses that prevent your parents from even speaking out about or reporting to your doctor or local heath unit any impacts on your health from wind turbine noise, blade flicker or noise.
  • Every “LLC” (Limited Liability Corporation) involved in any aspect of the wind industry that can (and almost certainly will)  legally walk away from any responsibility for health damages, remediation of abandoned sites and any other form of accountability with the full blessings of the governments that have allowed this form of irresponsible corporate framework to exist.
  • Every Ontarian who supports discrimination by failing to insist that all levels of government provide the same protection to those without a voice of their own living on land leased for wind projects as those living on properties adjacent to wind projects.
Because of the various forms of protection that governments put in place to look after their own and since there is no accountability for civil servants, almost no one in the above list can be held personally responsible for their actions, you have very few options available to you to require your governments to protect you as they already do for your neighbors on adjoining properties.

Most of us in the wind movement placed our hopes with the Ontario Ombudsman but since the “renewal” of his five year term by Premier McGuinty and the Ontario Legislature it would appear that wind issues have “blown away” and the lack of protection provided to you has fallen out of his focus so even the “bastion of last resort” has joined the rest of your government in ignoring your plight.

As we allow governments to expand and take over control of everything we hold dear, we are certainly leaving one hell of a legacy to our children and grandchildren.

The documentation that I have collected over the past three years supporting every statement that I have made above will be made available to you (upon request) on CD so that when you are old enough to be able to act for yourself you will have evidence of the manner with which your government treated you when you were a child.


Peter Lomath, father of 4 and now retired after 45 years working in sound measurement and audio communications.

Honourable Politicians, Re  Project 012-0613
I am a retired Special Education teacher with 32 years in the classrooms of your province. I thoroughly believe in the group, Mothers Against Wind Turbines. Their mandate of "Protecting our children from industrial wind power emissions is our first priority" should be followed not only by this admirable group, but also by the politicians of our province.
During my years in the classroom, the special needs children experiencing ADHD, CAP, Autism, Asbergers...to name but a few conditions....could best learn in an environment that was quiet, peaceful, supportive and calm. Extraneous noises...a lawn mower, a car revving, a noise from the hall would always set the learning environment into total disarray. Now you are expecting these children to live and learn in the shadow of these monolith turbines where low frequency sound, acoustical noise, mechanical noise, infrasound, electromagnetic radiation, dirty electricity, transient voltage, light flicker and vibration are at war with each other. The results will be that our special needs children will suffer physically, emotionally, and psychologically. The interference with their learning environment will result in disastrous consequences.....all for the sake of big business, big electricity, big egos that our province does not need. May I remind you that you are harming the very children which you have identified, supported and programmed for in the past at great cost to our province through the Ministry of Education???
In West Lincoln the project 012-0613 has proposed wind turbines close to educational facilities in our area. Four IWTs are less than 2 kilometers from Gainsborough Elementary School in Bismarck. Two  IWTs are less than 2 kilometers from Smithville District Christian High School and Covenant Christian Elementary School. Two IWTs are less than 2 kilometers from the Robert Land Academy and Attercliffe Christian Reformed School. Other schools are less than 3 kilometers from these IWTs. In total there are eighteen IWTs within 3 kilometers of nine different schools.
Can you in all good conscience expose all the students in nine educational facilities to these Industrial Wind Turbines???
I am also very concerned with my findings which count 43 non host receptors within 620 meters of a proposed IWT. The closest home is recorded at 563 meters (Receptor 1002 , Turbine 38) . According to Enercon statistics all these non host receptors will have noise levels exceeding 40dBA. Think of the children living in these homes......being exposed to sleep disturbances, headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, visual blurring, rapid heart rate, irritability, problems with concentration and memory, and panic episodes associated with sensations of internal pulsation or quivering which arise while awake or asleep.
In reviewing the location of host properties, I see that many of these receptors are not only less than the recommended 620 meter distance but are in actual fact much closer to the planned Industrial Wind Turbine than is deemed safe. For example host receptor #986 is 585 meters from T 38,  host #1191 is 542 meters from T 75, host  #1235 is 466 meters from T 75, host #1562 is 389 meters from T 36, host #1666 is 280 meters from T 65, host #191 is 357 meters from T 88, host # 2590 is 312 meters from T 35, host #595 is 322 meters from T 94...... and there are many more.........
As I understand 3MW turbines have never been installed at these distances and this fact has been acknowledged by the MOE. Is the MOE condoning this project and if so, what is that decision based upon??? Is the MOE aware that children may be at risk???
Who lives in these host properties??? Are there seniors in residence??? Are there children in residence??? If there are innocent children in these homes does it appear that the host is willing to pimp his children for money from the wind company??? These children have no recourse. They cannot protect themselves. Their parents have let them down....just like the case of any other child in our system who is abused physically. Who rises to remove the children from this abusive situation???
Now is the time for our provincial government agencies to come to the aid of all our children in West Lincoln and surrounding areas included in project 012-0613. Protect them. It is your absolute responsibility to do so.
I look forward to your answers and solutions.....
Thank you, Susan Smith.

Ms. Garcia- Wright, Mr. Chiarelli, Mr. Bradley and Ms. Mathews,

For many months, I have been pursuing the question of health for children whose parents agree to place wind turbines on their properties at less than the 550m setback.  I thought the question very important since the government says 550m is protective of human health.  That suggests that anything less than 550m is not protective.  I was also curious as to whether or not the consent of the affected children is obtained in these situations. 

I thought it unreasonable and ridiculous that I had to pursue answers through several different ministries and that it took many months to get a response.  However, once I read the response, I realized that there there are much bigger concerns.  I had to read the response (attached) that I received from Ms. Garcia-Wright a number of times because  I could not believe what I was reading.  The government has just essentially said that the health of children living WITHIN the 550m setback from wind turbines is negotiable.  This government has decided that they need to play the role of parent when it comes to tanning salons and in school cafeterias yet sees no need to play a role with respect to this issue.  If ever an oversight role was required, it is in this situation since decisions with respect to wind turbines are driven by money and judgement can be clouded by money. The wind developers want to make a lot of money and some parents may put the chance of additional income before their own children. In fairness to those parents, and as you are well aware, the opportunistic wind developers would not be pointing out any kind of issue with positioning of the turbines at less than the 550m setback.  

This is frightening!  I am appalled that your wind energy policy takes precedence over the health of these children. Perhaps you need to alter your claim that 550m is protective of human health.  Perhaps it should say that 550m is protective of human health but the health of participating landowners and their children can be sacrificed for money.   

I feel I must share this response with Mothers Against Wind Turbines as well as other wind action groups.  I also plan to distribute it to media and to every interest group that I can find that represents childrens' issues.  People in this province need to know that the health of these children can be negotiated between two parties for the almighty dollar and that our government condones it.   

I do, of course, wish to see a response from one of you or all of you and hopefully it won't take months.  

Bonnie Tuson 


Victims Voices


Dear Ms.  Horwath,
     You have invited Ontario citizens to comment on how the Provincial Liberal Energy Policy is affecting us as consumers.  The Liberal policies, or lack thereof, are driving this province off the road and “into the ditch”.  While rural Ontario residents are chaffing under the inhumane policies of this Liberal government, the New Democratic Party continues to “prop up” this government in hopes of being tossed a few “bones” in the form of minor adoptions of some of the NDP platform in return for support of this “major minority”… to use the words of the former premier of this province.

     The suffering, we fear, is only beginning!  My wife and I are senior citizens living on a fixed income.  We have cut back our budget to a “bare-bones” level and fear that some of the necessities of life such as heat in the winter and food in our stomachs will be the next sacrifices to be made.  I’m sure you would be shocked if you knew the small amount of money we’re forced to live on for the rest of our days!  All of this while some foreign multi-national energy companies are getting wealthy off those same sacrifices by Ontario’s own people.  We will be paying ridiculous rates for our electricity while we subsidize the cost of power to other jurisdictions which are now using those savings against us by taking our jobs and our standard of living.  My wife and I are experiencing  increased medical costs due, in part, to the impact of increasing age but also due to medical issues that have arisen as industrial wind “farms” continue to be constructed in our “back yard”!  For example, neither of us experienced tinnitus or vertigo, or increased difficulties with “impulse control” until Nextera, Capital Power, Samsung, and Niagara Region Wind Company showed up in Haldimand/Norfolk.  My wife has been faced with long waits for appointments with a neurologist who, by the way, is a two hour drive away from our home!  And where do we go for help??  We’re instructed to report adverse health effects to the “wind companies” themselves or to our own Ministry of Environment…. the same entities that support the GEA and fight any appeals of government approved installations at the “kangaroo courts” otherwise known as Environmental Review Tribunals! which, by the way, use our tax dollars to oppose any issues raised by the Appellants!

     The Provincial Progressive Conservatives have promised a “moratorium” on future wind “farm” construction while there is no suggestion of any help for those of us who are already subjected to these installations.  To stop future construction while, at the same time, “grand-fathering” existing installations is criminal.  If it’s wrong to construct any more industrial wind turbines, it’s equally as wrong to make certain members of the rural population live the remainder of their lives subjected to existing installations.  If the Liberals can “scrap” gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga in order to save a few Liberal seats in the legislature, what would be wrong with scrapping a “Green” Energy Act that is destroying the lives, sanity, & health of many rural Ontario citizens as well as raping the wallets of all Ontarians?

     I ask you, “When will someone, at Queen’s Park, stand up for the citizens of rural Ontario who are being subjected to the industrialization of their homes and farms?  When will someone decide that “enough is enough” and that a province, that now has a surplus of electricity and sky-rocketing electricity bills, doesn’t need a government that continues to mismanage and manipulate it’s citizens into energy poverty any longer?  We cannot afford the luxury of taking care of the USA, or South Korea or any other country at the expense of our own people.  Andrea!!!  Show us that you care!  Show us that you’re “fed up” too!  Show us that you are now prepared to “crawl out of” the Liberal “bed” it looks like you’ve “crawled into”!!  An acknowledgement of at least having received this e-mail would be appreciated!

John Foreman
Haldimand County

Wind Victims Ontario has created a webpage to document the progress of the Ontario Wind Turbine Health Study University of Waterloo. Please go to the the webpage for more details.
University of Waterloo Applied Health Sciences

Summary of Activities - Year 2 (2012)
1.1 Wind Turbine Health Studies: Clinical and Epidemiological Studies
1.2 GIS-based spatial analysis: Wind-Turbine Health data
1.3 Wind Turbine Noise Studies: Modeling
1.4 Wind Turbine Noise Studies: Field Measurements
1.5 Health Risk Communication
other topics 
download pdf file

University of Waterloo Applied Health Sciences
Summary of Activities - Year 3 (2013)
1.1  Wind Turbine Health Studies: Clinical and Epidemiological Studies
1.2  Wind Turbine Health Studies: Biomarkers
1.3  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Health
1.4  Wind Turbine Health Studies: Sleep Study
1.5  Lived Experience
1.6  Wind Turbine Noise measurement
Other topics

download pdf file

Letter sent to residents in Ontario asked to participate in the study.
reth-information-letter.pdf Download File

University of Waterloo Wind Turbine Health Effects Poster
poster_cpaller_oct15.pdf Download File
"Sleep deprivation can cause impaired memory and cognitive functioning, decreased short term memory, speech impairment, hallucinations, psychosis, lowered immunity, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety and depression.  Gretchen Borchelt, JD & Christian Pross, MD"
Action Alert November 2013
The Ontario Government must take action now to stop the operation wind turbine projects that have been placed too close to people’s homes.
There have been endless complaints of serious health problems for those living close to wind turbine projects. A recent release of an ongoing health study from the University of Waterloo again confirms 
this. The Ontario Government has not taken any action to resolve these issues.
      Please send to the contacts listed in the Action Alert and include your MPP and MP
Wind Victims Ontario Comment
Clearly this study, supported by thousands of complaints to the Environment and Health ministries, shows impacts are happening in real time to many families in this province. The failure of the Wynne government to acknowledge and address the impacts is a public disgrace. That any authority with the power to do something would choose leave people suffering is beyond our comprehension and as you read this more turbines are being approved, erected and allowed to continue to operate by the Wynne government.